Ginger roots kills ovarian cancer & prostate cancer cells better then chemo – Read it, share it!

Do you have the tumor markers that say you are genetically susceptible to having cancer? Are you always looking for ways to help keep cancer away from your body? Then ginger roots may be exactly what you need. It has been shown that ginger roots kill ovarian cancer and prostate cancer cells. In fact, it is said that it works more effectively than chemotherapy. Interested so far? Keep reading to find out more.

What is Ginger?

Ginger is most commonly used as a spice. It grows stems annually and is about a meter tall with narrow green leaves and yellow flowers. It actually originated in the tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia. What most people do not know is ginger can also be turned into candy and has been commercially sold as candy since 1740. It has also been used by traditional healers to heal the patients and now modern medicine has proven it helps fight cancer.

What Does Ginger Contain?

Ginger contains an anti-cancer compound that nobody expected to find. It has gingerols, parasols, and who gaols. Together, this compound turns into a cancer-fighting machine. In fact, it has been proven that it can be more powerful than chemotherapy as an anti-cancer agent. This only proves that we can use nature to fight off most diseases instead of these complicated modern medicine techniques. Now, that does not mean to stop using your doctor or to stop that medication but maybe we should be asking what else is out there before popping another antibiotic into our system.

How Does Ginger Kill Prostate Cancer Cells?

A study has been done that showed 100mg of ginger extract per kg of body weight cut prostate tumor growth nearly in half. That is correct, it made the prostate tumor nearly 56% smaller only proving that we can use what grows naturally to help cure cancer. What’s more is it did not hurt other around it such as the stomach or bone that needs to grow more rapidly. Hence, this is proving to be more effective than chemotherapy.

How Does Ginger Kill Ovarian Cancer Cells?

It is so funny that everything has a long and complicated term in medicine. Angiogenesis is the term used for the start of cancer and if you can stop cancer from taking hold in the ovaries then you can prevent cancer in the ovaries altogether.

Ginger root has the anti-angiogenic active ingredients and they effectively stop cancer cells from growing. Thus, it can prevent and treat ovarian cancer. In fact, in the studies, it has been proven that unlike chemotherapy, ovarian cancer cells do not become resistant to ginger root which means it can be used as much or little as needed to help prevent and cure cancer cells in the ovaries with fewer side effects.

What’s More?

It has also been proven that ginger root helps protect against colorectal cancer. In fact, colorectal cancer cells can actually be killed by using ginger root. Thus, makes ginger root a very effective way to fight colorectal cancer and possibly making ginger, yet again, a better prevention against cancer cells than chemotherapy. It is also known to dissolve kidney stones but that is another story.

How Can You Use Ginger Like Medicine?

With all the research that has gone into how ginger fights cancer, it is suggested that if people would just use ginger as a daily consumption that it might prevent cancer to take place in the body in the first place. In fact, you can use ginger in conjunction with other foods that fight off cancer cells to make it a more effective prevention of cancer.

Why is Ginger Better Than Chemotherapy?

Since ginger takes away less dangerous approach to fighting cancer and is such a natural way, ginger may be has seen as a way to fight cancer rather than chemotherapy in the near future. It is less invasive to the body and does not poison patients nor does it harm healthy cells. In contrast, chemotherapy kills healthy cells along with the cancerous cells and makes the patient lose their hair as well as make them deathly sick. Who’s to say that chemo does not stay in your body forever too? If it were me I would want a less invasive therapy such as ginger.

Why Wait?

So, with all the research that has proven that this natural plant called ginger can help fight against cancer, why wait any longer. Start adding ginger to your daily diet so you can start preventing cancer to strike in your body. With cancer hitting close to home in nearly all of our lives, there is nothing wrong with starting the prevention now. So, next time you are at the store buy some ginger and start adding it to your foods. I know I am. In fact, I might even try this awesome recipe I have found since I love tea so much.

  • Ingredients:
  • Organic honey
  • 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger
  • 1/4 teaspoon of ground turmeric
  • Coconut milk
  • A cup of water
  • Preparation:
  • Boil water
  • Add turmeric and ginger allow simmering for 7-10 minutes
  • Add milk and then strain the tea into a cup

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Ginger roots kills ovarian cancer & prostate cancer cells better then chemo – Read it, share it!

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