Do cell phones cause cancer? What You Need to Know

The issue of cellphones causing cancer has been under discussion over the past few years. There are multiple reasons why cell phone users are concerned about the chances of it causing cancer and various other kinds of diseases:

Cell Phones and Cancer: What are the Risks?

–    The radiofrequency energy emitted by the cell phones is released from the antennas. Ear tissues, being the closest to the antenna can absorb this energy.

–    The percentage of cell phone users has rapidly increased. Since December 2014, more than 327.5 million new cell phone subscribers have been registered- alone in the United States.

–    It is thrice the amount it was in 2000. On a global scale, the number of cell phone users is increasing to 5 billion.

–    The period of time spent using a smart phone device has increased. More and more improvements in the technology have encouraged the production of low power output models compared to the previous ones.

How radiofrequency energy affects the body?

Radiofrequency energy is an electromagnetic radiation type. This radiation is categorized by two forms: nonionizing rays and ionizing rays. Electromagnetic radiation is determined by its frequency and wavelength.

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer?

The energy radiated through electromagnetic rays is established by its ionizing radiations and high energy. Nonionizing radiation basically has a low frequency, whereas ionizing radiation has a high frequency.

The human body has the ability to absorb this energy from cell phone to radio devices that absorb energy emitted from electromagnetic radiation. The amount of energy a human body absorbs every day is estimated using an SAR rate that expresses watts per weight in Kilogram.

Constant exposure to these rays is considered to be the cause of cancer in human body. Many studies examine the negative health effects of non-ionizing radiation that is released from a microwave oven, radar, cell phones and laptops. Although studies provide a range of opinion about the effects of non-ionizing radiations, the biological effect of this energy is heating. The ability of this energy to heat is likely to be the cause of cancer.

Effect on glucose metabolism:

One of the core reasons established to be the cause of cancer in human beings is its effects on glucose metabolism. A few studies have also determined its effect on brain glucose. The study showed an increased amount of glucose metabolism in the brain region that is the closest to the antenna as compared to the opposite side tissues of the brain.

Even Apple gives the warning to user, is you look and read properly user manual.

How does it cause cancer? Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer? 

Many studies have established a link between the cell phone radiation and a serious illness. Cancer associated with the use of the cellphone is linked with two types of tumors- acoustic neuromas and gliomas.

Gliomas: It is a type of tumor that initiates in the spine or brain and is usually malignant. Those who are diagnosed with this disease survive only 1 to 3 years with this kind of tumor.

Acoustic neuromas: It is a low-grade cancer which develops near the skull area.

A study initiated by Interphone research on the use of cell phones by humans included an experiment on the risk of developing tumor by using cell phones. It found that “constant use of cell phones by children and adults alike can have a 40% reasons for developing gliomas”. It established that those who use cell phones for more than 30 minutes per day are the risk of developing this form of cancer over the period of ten years.

What you can do about it:

  1. Mobiles have become a necessity. But a friendly distance can be helpful. Exposure to radiation is the worst is the cell phone is closest to the body. Ensure that your cell phone remains at four times distance from your head. Keep it more than 50 times more distance than you usually used to keep it. The use of headset minimizes the direct contact with the cell phone. Consider using the speakerphone when you can
  2. Studies on headsets have provided that keeping your cell phone in the purse or backpack can reduce the risk of exposing yourself to the cancerous rays of cell phones.
  3. Modern smartphones not always emit the same energy when using. The better reception the phone, the lesser energy radiated from it. Avoid using phones in areas where there is poor exposure.
  4. Keep your cell phone on airplane mode when you are not using it
  5. Never sleep with cell phones on your side. The brain absorbs the highest energy from the surrounding when the body is stationary. Keep your cell phone turned off or at a good distance when you are sleeping.
  6. If you wake up with a headache when keeping a cellphone around- believe that it is affecting your brain and it should be kept at a good distance
  7. Limit your use of internet on the cellphone.

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Do cell phones cause cancer? What You Need to Know

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