This Cancer Survivor’s Fitness Transformation Is Incredible

I’m really happy for people who defeat cancer, she got through quite a hell (operations, crushing chemo that you get with leukemia) – it’s devastating both physically and mentally. I may not like the way she presents herself, but I really respect that she got back on her feet so fast (the PTSD may got her later, but I hope it won’t)!

Cancer is not as easy as just getting cured – you have a great chance of having recurrence which could not be cured, your body is exhausted and never the same. Some people live in constant fear and it’s hard not to.

If acting, or posting selfies, or anything like this help someone to cope with disease and therapy without hurting anyone (ev. besides themselves) then there is nothing wrong. 🙂


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This Cancer Survivor’s Fitness Transformation Is Incredible

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