7 Cancer-Fighting Health Benefits of Garlic

Can Garlic cure cancer?

Garlic is one of the most commonly found ingredients in our pantry. But did you know that it has the ability to fight cancer cells? Cancer is one of the deadliest ailments. Researchers have spent several decades on examining different ingredients that aid in the prevention of cancer. Garlic, a simple and ordinary kitchen ingredient is highly effective against cancer. Here are the 7 scientifically proven ways in which garlic helps your body to fight cancer:

  1. Nutrient dense

Garlic is rich in vitamin B6, selenium, magnesium, and fiber that is required by your body. It also contains traits of carbohydrates and protein. Therefore it is nutrient rich which prevents the development of cancer cells by keeping your body strong and healthy.

  1. Excellent for your heart

Researchers have found out that consuming four cloves of garlic every day is an effective way of curing hypertension. It is more effective than the drug Atenolol used to treat hypertension. The red blood cells in the body convert the sulfuric compounds found in garlic to hydrogen sulfide gas that is helpful in reducing blood pressure and expand blood vessels. Garlic also reduces the amount of bad cholesterol inside the body by 15%. It prevents the hardening of the coronary arteries. With regulated blood flow, it spreads good oxygen all around the body and defends the body against the development of cancer cells.

  1. Garlic strengthens your immune system

In an experiment, it was discovered that those who consume garlic are 50% less likely to catch cold and pollen allergies. Garlic in tea, with a spoon of honey and lemon, can be a great relief for the cold. If you want to boost your immunity, consume garlic in the morning to prevent bacteria and virus from entering the bloodstream. With higher immune system. It prevents the cancerous cell from affecting the body.

  1. Garlic as an antioxidant

Free radicals are known to damage the body in several ways. It causes inflammation and other diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, aging, cancer and more. It increases the ability of your body to fight the free radicals that affect the strength of immune system.

  1. Garlic to fight parasites and fungus

The regular consumption of raw garlic prevents parasites and bacteria from entering the body. It fights fungal infections that often becomes a cause of stomach and skin cancer. Garlic can also be directly applied to the skin to cure different skin conditions.

  1. Garlic as detoxifier

Garlic is not only excellent detoxifier, it fights the heavy metals stored inside the blood stream. A study found that cancerous lead found inside the body can be treated by consuming garlic on a regular basis. 

  1. Garlic for skin

Being antiseptic and anti-bacterial and containing the sulfuric compounds in the garlic, it is excellent in preventing conditions of skin like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Consuming garlic by diluting it in water for overnight and drinking it empty stomach in the morning kills the germs and free radicals that have entered the body.

How garlic fights cancer:

–    Cancer cells are developed by the damaging of environmental and dietary toxins, rampant inflammation and compromised immune system. The cancer cells specifically target the weak spots in the body, and garlic is known to provide nutrition to these weak spots.

–    It contains tryptophan that belongs to the family of serotonin. It is a powerful neutralizer and detoxifier of the free radicals.

–    Garlic kills the leukemia cells which diminishes the growth of tumors in colon, stomach, prostate and bladder tissues.

–    Garlic contains cancer repelling quercetin which suppresses the development of tumors.

–    Radiation and chemotherapy treatment affects the immune system. If you are currently suffering from cancer, add garlic in your diet to boost your immune system. It also prevents cancer patients from flu, cold and infections.

–    Regular consumption of garlic by women and men reduces the level of cholesterol which reduces the risk of esophageal, colorectal and stomach cancers. The biggest benefit of garlic is that cooked or raw, it gives you almost the same result. 

Preparation of garlic:

Consuming garlic raw is the best way to reap the nutritional benefits of garlic. Garlic should sit around 5 minutes before consuming it. It is recommended to crush or chop garlic and consume it in the form of tea if raw garlic has a sharp taste for you. Cooking or microwaving garlic reduces its antioxidants. Do not microwave garlic.

Another great way of consuming garlic is adding it in salads. Chop a few pieces of garlic and add it in rice, salad or steaks for easy consumption.

With the balanced diet and proper exercise, garlic can give a positive contribution to your lifestyle. It is a simple ingredient, easily available at grocery stores.

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7 Cancer-Fighting Health Benefits of Garlic

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