10 cancer-causing products that you put on your body every morning

What do you know about the cosmetics and toiletries you begin your day with? In the world we live in today, the importance of a product is established on the basis of how popular it is. We no longer question the reliability, manufacturing quality, and ingredients of the products that we so readily start consuming. Today, even the most “naturally” produced product can trigger cancer in human body. Never in human history has cancer been so widespread. Here is why:

1. Toothpaste

The majority of us would kill ourselves after reading this. Toothpaste is a necessity now. We know no better way to cleanse our mouth- and going out without brushing seems impossible. We begin our day with toothpaste, which is cancer causing product. Toothpaste’s that are manufactured by small companies contain sodium lauryl sulfate, fluorides, propylene glycol and color dyes that cause cancer. The best option you have today is to shift to a non-fluoride and organic toothpaste. Maybe use a neem stick?

2. Lipstick

Lipsticks are more toxic than we think they are. We have the names of best lipstick brands on our fingers. But what can we say about the ingredients and chemicals with which they are produced? Lipsticks contain a good amount of formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, tar, polypropylene, propylparaben that put your lips at a high risk of developing skin cancer.

Put your chemical colors away and consider using organic lipsticks. These lipsticks are manufactured by keeping the best interest of consumers in the mind.



3. Sunscreen

How many times do we hear dermatologists telling us to apply sunscreen before leaving the house? Apparently to protect the skin from burns? But what about the cancerous lesions and skin tumors caused by this sunscreen? Many studies have shown that exposure to the sun is actually healthy. The higher the amount of Vitamin D in the body, the faster it heals skin problems. The SPF technology is a hoax. It is healthier for you to go out with the body’s natural mechanism to protect the skin rather than applying deadly creams on a face.

4. Moisturizers

Moisturizers are advertised for containing tars, mineral oil and arsenic which can cause cancer of the skin. Mineral oils have become the cause of health conditions like burning sensation, rashes, swelling, dizziness and more. How about a combination of lemon and glycerin to keep your skin moisturized? Even better is keeping your body well hydrated so it does not require an external layer of moisture?

5. Fairness Creams

Other than objectifying women and encouraging racism, fairness creams are also chemically flawed. To make you fair, a fairness cream contains a pack of cancerous parabens, steroids, mercury and metal that in all ways are dangerous for the health of the skin. Why not just apply yogurt, orange peels, coconut oil, aloe Vera or more natural ingredients that can make your skin glow without harming it?

6. Mascara

Rich in toxic chemical compounds like petroleum, aluminum, retinyl, parabens, acetate, and formaldehyde- it is funny how many times we voluntarily put our precious eyes at a grave risk. Mascara’s are always in demand. Women and girls of all age use mascara almost every day. But this product is to be used in a certain manner. You should never apply a mascara that is 6 months old. It is unhealthy for the eyes to apply waterproof products for it damages the roots of eyelashes.

7. Hairspray

We torture our hair so much. From curling to straightening and trying hard hair style- but the worst of all is applying hair spray. Hairspray leaves its cancer-causing effects on your skin, hair and the environment. It contains substances like propylene glycol, denatured alcohol, shellac, and formaldehyde.

8. Talcum powder

We use it to relieve ourselves from the hot summer rays. We use them on the baby to keep them fresh and sweat free. But talcum powder is not all good. It contains magnesium silicate as well as asbestos that causes respiratory disorders and ovarian cancer.

9. Deodorants

These are the most damaging for women for it triggers breast and underarm cancer. Deodorants contain paraben, triclosan, petroleum products, aluminum and more chemicals that seriously damage your nervous system and metabolism.

10. Nail polish

For all women out there, this one is a bummer. With new and new nail art ideas in mind- convincing yourself that nail polish is bad could be hard. Nail polish contains a substance called DMDM hydantoin and Imidazolidinyl urea that can have cancerous side effects. It also causes asthma, dizziness, insomnia and depression.

Regardless of how friendly we believe these products to be, they are not. We start our day every morning with these products, but at the cost of what? Our own health. Think about it.

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10 cancer-causing products that you put on your body every morning

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